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Monday, July 1, 2013

Heading Towards Third To Payoff Debt

Now that we've returned to telling our journey to payoff debt, it's been decided that a new format will be followed. The format will now be similar to Blogging Away Debt or $12 a Day, but from a guys perspective. This doesn't mean that the female side won't crop up from time to time, but for now let's hear it for the boy.

We're heading towards third with just a year and a half to go until we've paid off the majority of our massive debt. Part of me is excited and the other half feels like we're not going to make it.

If we were at the same point we'll be at this time next year I would feel a whole lot better. Mainly because we would be just six months away from this nightmare to be over, but right now I feel we've made some errors that are going to make things tighter than ever. One of these errors or technically two of these errors was buying new cars too soon.

Even though there is an emergency fund, I just hate cutting things so close. At times I feel we need a mountain of money to feel secure, but we've come so far without a hitch that I must maintain my faith that we will see this too the end. We'll make it, won't we?

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