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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chase's Balance Liquidation Program is Fantastic

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The start of my five year plan to paying off my six figures of debt is well underway. I also just received my confirmation of starting Chase's Balance Liquidation Program A.K.A. BLP on the first credit card I set up on the program.

I can not get over how great Chase has treated me and how they have helped get me back on track. Today's letter has confirmed everything Chase said they would do for me.

- An annual percentage rate of 0.00% for all balances
- A payment of more than half of what it was
- Late and over the limit fees are waived while I am enrolled in the program
- Eliminates my balance within 60 months.

And most important of all they are eliminating over $4,000 of interest. That's right four thousand dollars eliminated from my total owed debt.

If you are having a problem paying your credit cards with Chase check out this program. I really feel Chase really wants to help keep their clients on track and help get their payments on track and get out of debt.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I received contradictory information from the BLP contact at Chase that I was working with and the non-BLP customer service reps at Chase (two different payment due dates) that has now caused my account to be charged off. I had previously discussed the differing due dates with the BLP rep (whose name and contact information I have but no one at Chase can connect me with) and she stated that there was a descrepancy but that the regular customer service rep department and the BLP dept. did not share information and that her payment date was the correct one. Does anyone have a suggestion? I suggested they review the recording of the call but I am told it does not matter because the account is already charged off.


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